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Wehear APP Affiliate Program (Work with Impact Radius)

About Wehear:

Welcome to Wehear, the audible world with all kinds of stories you can imagine.

Romance, werewolf, adventure, horror, all love, paranormal, etc.

Dive into audible stories anytime, anywhere


Why join us?

Earn up to 40% commission for each validated sale referred by you, Wehear APP offers a 20% baseline commission for all publishers for each validated sale.

Regular affiliate communications with attractive banners, product recommendations and exclusive offers

Opportunities to earn extra commissions and bonuses

Embedded with Impact Radius means data-tracking convenience & trust

66.6k Ratings from Google Play Store

15K Ratings from apple store


What makes it easier to earn money by promoting Wehear?

Excellent conversion rate and AOV

Top Download APP

Dedicated customer support

Competitive commissions on global sales


How Do I Earn Commission?

  1. Click HERE to apply for Wehear APP affiliate program (Only for APP currently)
  2. Share an affiliate link
  3. Get customers to click your link and make a purchase
  4. Wait for your order to be confirmed
  5. Get your commission!


Publishers Wanted


Mobile Marketing Agency

Affiliate Network



Social Media Sites


Anyone interested in learning about affiliate programs

Join Now >>>CLICK HERE (Impact Radius Sign-up page)

Adolf Taylor
Adolf Taylor is a Wehear author who loves all kinds of stories and audiobooks. He is also very good at showing his unique perspectives on those stories. He used to work as an editor with best-selling authors, therefore, seizing the most important part of a novel that appeals to readers is very easy for him. Nowadays, Adolf is committed to helping people quickly find audiobooks or novels that they like by analyzing different stories' features.


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